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Property Management – Plovdiv

Transitioning from a Cleaning company to a Property Management Company in Plovdiv

In the vibrant city of Plovdiv, Neycho, the owner of a cleaning company, saw potential in the property management business and decided to make the transition. Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, the company sought a strategic partner to enhance operational efficiency and receive know-how. The aim was to retain the existing clients for the cleaning business and add a new revenue stream gradually.
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Throughout the partnership, Flataway provided exceptional ongoing support. During different stages of the growth, different needs were addressed, as our company in Plovdiv managed to scale from a few apartments to 60 apartments. Our portfolio grew more than 5 times in less than 2 years. Flataway helped me scale the business rapidly!


The transition from a cleaning company to a property management firm posed unique challenges for the owner Neycho. His company lacked robust systems for guest communications and revenue management, crucial aspects of modern property management services. To overcome these challenges and establish themselves as a competitive property management firm, the company needed a partner capable of providing advanced technology solutions and strategic support.


After thorough evaluation, the company in Plovdiv partnered with Flataway. Leveraging Flataway's comprehensive software stack, equipped with advanced solutions for communication, maintenance tracking, guest communications and revenue management, the company aimed to streamline its operations and deliver exceptional services to property owners and guests. The implementation process involved seamless integration of Flataway's software stack into the company's existing systems. Flataway's expertise in guest communications and revenue management was particularly valuable, enabling the company to offer enhanced services for guests and property owners


increase in revenue year over year


increase in occupancy


times more properties in 18 months


The partnership with Flataway resulted in significant improvements across key areas:


By implementing automation solutions, the company streamlined activities with
repetitive tasks, such as cleaning schedules, guest arrivals, and property
maintenance. This led to improved productivity and resource allocation, allowing the
company to focus on strategic activities such as acquiring new properties under

Guest Communications

Flataway’s advanced communication solutions enabled the company to provide
seamless communication channels for property owners and guests. From booking
inquiries to check-out instructions, guests received automated instructions and
personalized communication in a timely manner, enhancing their overall experience
and satisfaction.

Revenue Management

Flataway’s expertise in revenue management helped the property management
company in Plovdiv optimize nightly rates and maximize revenue potential for each
property. By analyzing market trends and demand patterns, the company was able to
achieve higher occupancy rates and increased revenue, driving growth and


The partnership between the company in Plovdiv and Flataway has proven to be essential during the transition from a cleaning company to a property management company. Flataway’s know-how and expertise helped Neycho scale at a rapid pace and his portfolio of properties under management grew exponentially in the last 18 months

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