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Who Is PM 360 suitable for?

PM 360 by Flataway is tailored for property managers who are looking for an all-encompassing solution that extends beyond just tools. It's perfect for those who value not only the efficiency and automation provided by leading-edge technology but also in-depth business support and strategic guidance to navigate the complexities of the short-term rental market.
Ideal for managers aiming to grow their business to new heights with proven processes, outsourcing services and expert strategic advice every step of the way.

Outsource to a trusted partner

Growth and success of your property management company doesn’t have to mean doing everything by yourself. Scaling is easier when you have the time to focus on it, delegate and save:
Guest Communication
Outsource written guest communication to our dedicated team, ensuring timely and professional responses without the need to hire additional staff.
Revenue Management
Let our experts handle setting the nightly rates for your properties, maximizing your revenue potential through data-driven strategies.
Property Listing Creation
Deliver check-in instructions and vital information to guests through our easy-to-use digital guide generation tool. Works great for upsells too!

One size doesn’t fit all property managers

When you get in touch our team of experts will do a deep dive in your business and determine what is the best set of services for your company. For example, if your revenue management skills are bringing in more reservations on a high ADR, we will not include that service in your package and reduce the overall price.

We build a custom co-pilot for each Flataway 360 partner, by following one main principle: every product or service we provide to you needs to lead to an increase in revenue, decrease in costs or time savings. Getting an evaluation is free and will only take 1 hour of your time.
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