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Attract digital nomad and corporate guests for longer stays year-round.

The fastest onboarding in the industry – no integrations necessary.
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Exclusive OTA for professionals

Flataway works with short-term rental management companies only. On the demand side of the platform, we are also geared towards professionals – the remote generation that works while traveling.
Flataway partners don’t compete with individual hosts and our selection process ensures that supply in each market is limited to companies who can provide outstanding services to guests. We are not looking for high-end luxury properties. At Flataway we believe that guest experience is shaped first and foremost by the hospitality service received. If you share this vision, become one of our OTA Light partners today!

The fastest onboarding in the industry

No integrations necessary. No onboarding or listing fees. No time wasted.
Our partnerships managers will explain how everything works over a 30-minute video call. Then all you need to do is review and sign the partnership agreement. Our team will go through your properties, select the ones that are suitable for our guests and start advertising them to digital nomads, remote workers, and corporates within a day.
30-min call
Partnership agreement
Property selection
Launch advertising

Hassle-free reservation management

Have you ever hosted a fellow short-term rental manager? They demand high quality, but communicating with them is a breeze and they can put themselves in your shoes should an issue arise.z
When managing reservations part of Flataway’s Subscription Living plans and bundles you will be talking to a team of professionals with years of experience in the field. We communicate with our guests and support them throughout their entire journey. You assist with check-ins, cleaning, maintenance, and emergencies, all the rest is handled by the Flataway team.

More than just a booking channel

The team behind Flataway has launched and scaled short-term rental management companies and we know how difficult this business can be. That is why we don’t want to be just another OTA partner for you – we want to help in other ways!
We often get inquiries from owners who want to advertise their properties with Flataway. In such cases, we would refer these owners to one of our partners operating at the property’s location.
In addition, we are building a community of short-term rental managers, fostering collaboration, support, and knowledge-sharing. All FlatAway partners can join the community, benefit from its resources, and participate in events and activities, for free.

Other plans

PM Pro
Streamline and automate operations with our industry leading tech stack.
Get even more bookings with FlatAway Single Stays
PM 360
Reduce costs by outsourcing guest communication and other tasks.
Get expert advice and support in all aspects of your business.
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