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Property Management Operations – Buchares

In the bustling short term rental market of Bucharest, operational efficiency and technological innovation are essential for property management firms to thrive. Rares Verdes, a prominent entrepreneur in Bucharest, found himself struggling with manual processes and outdated technology while managing a diverse portfolio of urban properties throughout the city. Recognizing the urgent need for a transformative solution, Rares Verdes sought a strategic partner to enhance his operational efficiency and free up time and resources, in order to be able to scale his business.


days initial training


increase in number of properties year over year


new staff members in less than 1 year
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Property Management – Plovdiv

In the vibrant city of Plovdiv, Neycho, the owner of a cleaning company, saw potential in the property management business and decided to make the transition. Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, the company sought a strategic partner to enhance operational efficiency and receive know-how. The aim was to retain the existing clients for the cleaning business and add a new revenue stream gradually.


increase in revenue year over year


increase in occupancy


times more properties in 18 months
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Platihome – Tenerife

Since partnering with Flataway in 2023, Platihome has revolutionized its operations, boosting efficiency, occupancy rates, and revenue significantly. Leveraging Flataway's cutting-edge technology and automation solutions, Platihome has streamlined operations and elevated guest satisfaction, demonstrating the impactful synergy of strategic collaboration and innovative tech in property management.


increase in revenue year-over year


increase in occupancy


more properties under management in 6 months
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