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Property Management Operations – Buchares

Transforming Property Management Operations in Bucharest with Tech Solutions

In the bustling short term rental market of Bucharest, operational efficiency and technological innovation are essential for property management firms to thrive. Rares Verdes, a prominent entrepreneur in Bucharest, found himself struggling with manual processes and outdated technology while managing a diverse portfolio of urban properties throughout the city. Recognizing the urgent need for a transformative solution, Rares Verdes sought a strategic partner to enhance his operational efficiency and free up time and resources, in order to be able to scale his business.
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Throughout the partnership, Flataway has provided exceptional ongoing support. I received an extensive initial training and later when I managed to hire 2 new staff members, Flataway has established swift communication directly with them. This helped me step away from the day-to-day operations and focus on signing contracts with new homeowners.


Rares Verdes faced significant challenges in efficiently managing multiple properties due to manual processes and limited automation. These hurdles hindered his ability to optimize property performance. To overcome these obstacles, he embarked on a quest to find a partner capable of providing advanced technology solutions, tailored to his needs.


After careful research, Rares initiated a partnership with Flataway. Flataway offered a comprehensive software stack equipped with advanced solutions for automation, communication and maintenance tracking. Collaborative efforts between Flataway and Rares ensured a smooth transition, with an extensive training provided to Rares, in order to automate processes and maximize efficiency.


days initial training


increase in number of properties year over year


new staff members in less than 1 year


The partnership with Flataway yielded significant improvements across key areas:


By implementing automation solutions, Rares
managed to streamline activities with repetitive tasks, such as the
guest arrival process and guest communications throughout their
stay. This led to improved productivity and resource allocation,
allowing him to focus on strategic activities like acquiring new
properties under management.

Increase in the number of properties managed

achieved by Flataway’s input helped Rares free up time and
resources, in order to focus on acquiring new properties under
management. He established connections with homeowners with
multiple properties in new buildings in trending business areas of
Bucharest. The number of properties in his portfolio increased
by 34% on a year-over-year basis.

Staff growth

Optimizing operations through Flataway’s solutions
resulted in a higher number of properties, managed by Rares.
Consequently this allowed him to hire 2 new employees in October
2023. He delegated operations to his new staff members and
managed to focus even more on acquiring new homeowners.


The partnership between Rares Verdes and Flataway has revolutionized property management operations in Bucharest. By leveraging innovative technology solutions and strategic guidance, the Property manager in Bucharest has overcome operational challenges, optimized performance, and achieved significant growth both in terms of number of properties managed and in terms of team growth. Rares is looking forward to expanding his portfolio even further, not only in Bucharest, but throughout Romania.

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