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Custom website

Tailored, branded direct booking website with a sales funnel for homeowners. Present your property management services in the best possible light all while driving direct bookings from new and frequent guests!

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Custom website for Property Managers

Boost your vacation rental business with our tailored web design service. Our expert team is dedicated to crafting visually appealing websites that not only attract more guests but also streamline the booking process. By reflecting your brand’s unique identity and targeting your desired audience, your website becomes a key channel in driving bookings. We incorporate owner funnels to assist in expanding your property portfolio, showcasing your services effectively to property owners. Our designs ensure easy booking from any device, SEO optimization for greater online presence, 100% instant PMS synchronization and ZERO fee direct booking engine. With our support, your website becomes a revenue driver rather than a time waster. Make use of the newfound time and energy to focus on growing your business and ensuring your guests stay happy.

Did you know that you can actually earn more by charging a direct reservation fee on top of your management commission? If you get our 360 plan we will be happy to advise you on how to communicate and justify this to your homeowner clients.


Why Do You Need A
Custom website Service?

Increased Direct Bookings

By offering a direct booking option, you avoid platform fees and gain full control over the guest experience.

No More Third-Party Fees

Keep more of your earnings by bypassing third-party booking platforms and fees.

Enhanced Guest Retention

Foster loyalty and repeat business with features designed to keep previous guests coming back.

Greater Marketing Reach

Use your website as a primary marketing tool to attract more guests and property owners with strategic SEO and content marketing.

Streamlined Operations

Integration with your PMS allows for real-time updates and less manual management, saving you time and reducing errors.

Professional Online Presence

Present a polished and professional image to potential guests and homeowners, enhancing your brand’s credibility and appeal.

Key Features Of 
Your Website

Direct Booking System

Boost your profit margins with a direct booking system on your site. This feature streamlines reservations, enabling guests to easily book their stay with you.

Guest Retention Tools

Engage previous guests with a tailored retention strategy including personalized offers and updates, encouraging them to book directly for their next visit.

Marketing Channel

Utilize your website as a powerful marketing tool that increases visibility and attracts both new guests and property owners.

Homeowner Acquisition Funnel

Attract new property owners with a professional online presence showcasing your management capabilities and success stories.

PMS Integration

Ensure smooth operations with a website that syncs directly with your property management system, updating booking information and availability in real-time.

A set of vertically integrated technology

Flataway Pro partners streamline their business via:
Simplify with integrated solutions
All-In-One Tech Suite
Flataway is not a PMS, Flataway is your comprehensive technology partner. We offer an all-in-one suite that integrates seamlessly, enhancing efficiency across every aspect of property management.
Become the market leader
Your PM Growth Catalyst
As your strategic partner, Flataway is dedicated to driving your growth. Through insights, collaboration, and market expertise, we pave the way for expanding your portfolio of properties, increasing occupancy and revenue.
Exceeding Expectations Together
Service and Support
Flataway stands by you with unmatched service support, ensuring every query is addressed with precision. Our commitment to excellence elevates the guest and manager experience, setting new industry standards.

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