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Guest experience
Digital guest guides

Digital guest guides

Enhance guest experience with a detailed property & area guide. Our digital guest guides reduce guest communication by over 40% and increase upsell revenues exponentially.

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Digital guest guides for Property Managers

Enter the age of the Digital Guest Guide, your ultimate welcome book solution that transforms guest stays into exceptional experiences. This dynamic, fully customizable solution is designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring your guests receive timely and essential information, thereby reducing queries and enhancing their overall stay. With our guides, check-in becomes straightforward, allowing you to swiftly address any potential questions or issues. Tailor your digital guest guide with specific property details like parking instructions and access codes, all while maintaining your unique brand standards. Quick and easy to set up, the guides integrate smoothly with your existing operations and messaging platforms, automating the process of sending your guests all the information they need for a seamless arrival. Elevate your guest engagement, simplify your operations, and secure those coveted 5-star reviews by setting a professional tone from the very first interaction.

A set of vertically integrated technology

Flataway Pro partners streamline their business via:
Simplify with integrated solutions
All-In-One Tech Suite
Flataway is not a PMS, Flataway is your comprehensive technology partner. We offer an all-in-one suite that integrates seamlessly, enhancing efficiency across every aspect of property management.
Become the market leader
Your PM Growth Catalyst
As your strategic partner, Flataway is dedicated to driving your growth. Through insights, collaboration, and market expertise, we pave the way for expanding your portfolio of properties, increasing occupancy and revenue.
Exceeding Expectations Together
Service and Support
Flataway stands by you with unmatched service support, ensuring every query is addressed with precision. Our commitment to excellence elevates the guest and manager experience, setting new industry standards.

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