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Guest communication
Guest Communication Service

Guest Communication Service

Guest communications is one of the most time-consuming and costly activities for a short-term rental manager. By outsourcing it you get a team of hospitality professionals with extensive experience at a fraction of the price.

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Guest Communication Service for Property Managers

Outsourcing the guest communication service involves partnering with Flataway to manage guest interactions on behalf of your company. These external teams are trained to embody the brand’s voice and values while delivering exceptional service across various communication channels. Outsourced services can range from handling reservations and inquiries to providing guest support, catering to the diverse needs of modern travelers. By entrusting guest communication to dedicated professionals, property management companies can ensure responsiveness, scalability, and expertise, ultimately increasing guest satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, outsourcing allows internal staff to focus on core responsibilities, while benefiting from cost efficiencies and flexibility. However, effective collaboration and clear communication between the property management company and Flataway are essential to maintain brand consistency and uphold service standards. When implemented strategically, outsourcing guest communication services can be a valuable asset for hospitality businesses looking to elevate the guest experience and drive long-term success.


Why Do You Need A
Guest Communication Service Service?

Streamlined Operations

Our service ensures this part of the your business is handled well and allows you to streamline your operations and free your time.

Consistent Brand Representation

Every interaction is conducted in your brand’s voice, maintaining a consistent and professional image.

Enhanced Guest Satisfaction

Professional handling of all inquiries and issues leads to improved guest experiences and increased satisfaction.

Efficient Cost Management

By optimizing communication processes, we keep operational costs in check without compromising on the quality or effectiveness of interactions.


Our communication strategies are designed to scale with your business, ensuring that as your portfolio grows, the quality of guest interactions remains top-notch.

How it works


Learning About Your Properties
Our team begins by gaining a deep understanding of each property's unique characteristics and selling points to ensure communications are tailored and effective.


Understanding Your Business
We immerse ourselves in your company's culture and policies. This alignment guarantees that all communications consistently reflect your brand’s voice and standards.


Handling Guest Interactions
We manage all guest communication, from initial inquiries to post-stay follow-ups, including reservation management, information provision, and concern addressing for a seamless guest experience.


Monitoring and reporting
We will have monthly meetings where we will discuss the guest communication and improve specific aspects.

A set of vertically integrated technology

Flataway Pro partners streamline their business via:
Simplify with integrated solutions
All-In-One Tech Suite
Flataway is not a PMS, Flataway is your comprehensive technology partner. We offer an all-in-one suite that integrates seamlessly, enhancing efficiency across every aspect of property management.
Become the market leader
Your PM Growth Catalyst
As your strategic partner, Flataway is dedicated to driving your growth. Through insights, collaboration, and market expertise, we pave the way for expanding your portfolio of properties, increasing occupancy and revenue.
Exceeding Expectations Together
Service and Support
Flataway stands by you with unmatched service support, ensuring every query is addressed with precision. Our commitment to excellence elevates the guest and manager experience, setting new industry standards.

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