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Homeowner relations
Homeowner referrals

Homeowner referrals

Growing together: amplify your reach with Flataway’s referral network. Get even more homeowners just by being our partner!

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Homeowner referrals for Property Managers

Expanding on the initial concept, becoming a Flataway partner transforms the conventional referral network into a dynamic ecosystem of growth opportunities. Our model encourages not just homeowners but also Flataway itself to actively recommend your management services. When you join our network, you gain access to a streamlined pipeline of property owner leads directly within your operational areas. These leads are not just cold prospects; they’re warm opportunities handed to you, based on our understanding of your management capabilities and the specific needs of property owners. This unique approach leverages the trust and satisfaction built with our extensive client base, using it to fuel your acquisition strategy. By integrating Flataway’s extensive reach with your local expertise, we create a powerful synergy that amplifies your visibility and attractiveness to new business, making the process of expanding your portfolio smoother, faster, and more efficient.

A set of vertically integrated technology

Flataway Pro partners streamline their business via:
Simplify with integrated solutions
All-In-One Tech Suite
Flataway is not a PMS, Flataway is your comprehensive technology partner. We offer an all-in-one suite that integrates seamlessly, enhancing efficiency across every aspect of property management.
Become the market leader
Your PM Growth Catalyst
As your strategic partner, Flataway is dedicated to driving your growth. Through insights, collaboration, and market expertise, we pave the way for expanding your portfolio of properties, increasing occupancy and revenue.
Exceeding Expectations Together
Service and Support
Flataway stands by you with unmatched service support, ensuring every query is addressed with precision. Our commitment to excellence elevates the guest and manager experience, setting new industry standards.

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